3 years already!

Hello guys,

Already 3 years now since my amazing Journey across Canada, time going so fast!

Everyday I still have flash of this wonderful adventure and I’m sure will have forever as it’s an experience who mark you for life!

Last time I updated you I was preparing my Ironman Mallorca and did finish to be my 9th Ironman finish (when you did one you become addicted 😉 )

I know that I promise you some photos of my trip but with over 4000 it’s quite a job as I don’t want show them unprocessed but I will put some on-line slowly 😉

I remember that when I prepared my Journey I checked on-line websites about it to find some information to organize it and will provide soon some service from basic information request to complete planning of your trip 😉

” Live your dreams, do not dream your life! ”

From an ocean to an other, Atlantic to Pacific…!

Dolwolfian Photography: Along The Road &emdash; From an ocean to an other, Pacific to Atlantic!

(click on the photo for full frame)

Take care everybody!

SlideShow of the Journey

Hello guys,

I still didn’t have the courage and mean to process the 4000+ photos and 100h+ video of my Journey but I made a short SlideShow.

I know it’s not much but even 1 year after my Journey my mind still on the road and not sure when or if I want it will stop!

Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey. – Pat Conroy

Sorry but the slideShow is temporarily unavailable 🙁

A sneak peek of the photos of my Journey across Canada.

Take care everybody!

Why is so difficult to re adapt to a “normal” life?

Hello guys,

Some people don’t understand why it’s so difficult to re adapt to a “normal” life after this kind of expedition.

First of all even if I was quite faster that I expected (52 days instead of 70 on the road) it still a long time where you adopt a daily routine who’s quite totally different that our everyday life. Wild camping is great and rewarding but as you can imagine the opposite of our modern life. I remember my first night at the hotel who was the worst ever!

For many the destination is the Journey who bring us to it and of course the goal is the “finish line” but the Journey is what make the expedition so amazing and in your mind they are no “finish line”. I remember that after Quebec city I started to have some blues as I knew that the Journey was entering in the final stage!

Then you will say why I did it in 52 days instead of the 70 planned? Well you have to understand that it’s the first time I was doing touring bicycle and that I have more a sportive competitor mind-set who do long distance triathlon (Ironman) who need his daily “shot” of effort and pain to feel good 😉

Freedom is a tough part to re adapt as on the road especially in wild camping set you feel so free of any commitment. The best moment was just before sunset when looking for a spot for the night as you never know if you will get a 1 star or 5 stars “hotel room” 😉

And finally during the Journey you meet great people and see so amazing landscapes, wildlife, sunsets, sunrises,.. check it out the following photos of the Tower Lake in Ontario and you don’t hear the howling wolves and other wildlife sound!

Now you can understand why isn’t only difficult to come back to “normal” life but impossible!

Take care everybody!

A sneak peek of the photos of my Journey!

Hello guys,

I have a hard time to land from my bubble and get back to “normal” life but I made a sneak peek of the photos of my Journey. It’s just a sample of photos unprocessed then be indulgent and patient as some more will come soon.

Enjoy it and share!

Move your cursor over the video and click on the bottom right corner rectangle for full screen and set HQ and stretch on for better view.

Take care everybody!

From an ocean to an other…!

Hello guys,

Few days since my Journey across Canada finished but still and will be for sure over there at least on my mind!

I started to slowly re-adapt myself to a “normal” life and started to look over the 4k photos I took along the road. Of course I have millions in my head but it’s funny how each photo I watch remind me immediately memories of the instant like I was there!

As I said on the start of my Journey I will focus on the adventure and not at the person doing it and I just realize I kept this quite good as on the 4k+ photos only 6 I’m on it 😉

In fact for many of you it will be the first time you will see me and hope you will not be too disappointed 😉 And don’t worry many others well more interesting photos will follow soon.

From an ocean to an other, Atlantic to Pacific…!

Dolwolfian Photography: Along The Road &emdash; From an ocean to an other, Pacific to Atlantic!

(click on the photo for full frame)

Take care everybody!

Final data of the Journey…!

Hello guys,

I’m finally home after 36 hours travel and 3 connections!

I’m working at finishing the missing days of the daily blog but I compiled the finnal data of my Journey across Canada.

Overall data:

Distance: 4939 miles / 7902 km

Speed: 12.3 mph / 19.7 km/h

Time on bicycle: 402 hours

Weight lost: 10 kg / 22 pounds


47 sunny days

5 rainy days

5 thunderstorms (1 apocalyptic)

Average temperature: 30+ C (higher: 40 C / lower: 20 C)

Punctures: 3


50 nights wild camping

1 on the ferry between Nova Scotia to Newfoundland

Provinces: 10 on 10

Photos: 4000+

Video: 20 hours

I didn’t exactly compile the food data but was like 1 full big bread per day with ham/pate/jam/Nutella/cheese, snacks and 5 to 6 liters of water (over 10 L the scorching days).

Take care everybody!

Still on my long Journey home…!

Hello guys,

Almost there but actually on the plane from Copenhagen to Manchester…! I started to feel the effect of 52 days of biking, wild camping and time zones effect as I got horrible pain on my leg as they are not use to walk anymore I guess Winking smile Never had pain on my leg during my Journey across Canada but now I guess my body will need some time to reacclimatize to “normal” life! And I don’t even want talk about the mind as I feel already some blues and aftermath expedition effect is on the corner Sad smile

Even if I was eating and fueling myself correctly (1 bread per day, snack and liquid) I realized that I lost quite some weight when I putted back my civil clothes…Was already not heavy now I should get discount on the plane ticket Winking smile Pasta, rice and junk food will fix that in 1 week!

I started to write the missing daily blog day and will post them as soon as possible when I will eventually arrive at home!

I will process as well the 4k photos and you can imagine it will take some time too. I’m not sure yet of the quality of them as even if I used a good camera (Eos 550D with a 10-20 mm lens) my photography specialties is long exposure night landscape photography. And with the small notebook I had with me it was not possible to check them correctly. Depending of the quality I will decide how, how many and where I will publish them. For sure some on the blog and other on my photographic website (www.DolwolfianPhotography.com). Even maybe a calendar if the quality worth it of course.

And even if I couldn’t film all Journey with my GoPro camera due to battery problem I have some nice video as well that I will publish depending of the quality of them on the blog and YouTube.

As you see I will be quite busy during my recuperation or rehabilitation at the normal life Winking smile

Take care everybody!

The day after…!

Hello guys,

I’m still on my little cloud but it feel so strange to don’t bike today 🙁

As expected I didn’t sleep well in a bed as after 52 days under a tent I guess it will need some adaptation time!

Now I will have an other expedition as I have to flight back home today. As I was faster as expected I had to book an other last-minute flight and it will be a rock and roll trip…St John’s-Toronto, Toronto-Copenhagen and Copenhagen-Manchester with one night slept over in Copenhagen where I will do some night photography if not too tired!

As promise I will finish my daily blog of my Journey where I left it and later on I will start to analyse my Journey across Canada with some photos and “behind the scene” fact.

It’s like when you follow a nice film at the TV the signal cut, phone ring,…as I   stopped to post my daily blog when it started to really becoming rock and roll and even almost was a game over due to a second of inattention. It’s unbelievable how small thing can become dramatic when you’re in the road in the middle of nowhere.

I will have 36 hours travel for start to catch up the missing post and as I said to a friend of mine: “now the hard part of the Journey is starting…back to reality!”

Take care everybody!


St John’s!

Hello guys,

Mission accomplish!

Arrived today in St John’s and went to Cap Spear who’s the most Eastern part of the Canada and believe me was quite a tough 7 miles / 12 km ride but man it worth the last effort! I met many people there who was coming to me as they saw my loaded bike and asked me lot of questions and was taking photos! Was crazy and had difficulties to leave as the night was falling and had 7 miles / 12 km hilly road back to St John’s!

I’m still in the sky and will maybe land tomorrow but was an amazing Journey across Canada! Words miss me how to explain how it was special for me and have my brain overloaded of so wonderful images and emotions it will take some time to express them!

As you know I dedicated my Journey to my mother, father and military comrade Robert and believe me they was with me all the way long in the good and bad moments and will certainly never make it without their spirit! Few time I tough I will at last rejoin them as I had several “close call” but I guess was not yet my time!

I’m never been very good for thanks people then I will just say:


to everybody I met, helped me, supported me along my Journey across Canada!

Now I will need some time to digest this amazing Journey and I promise I will finish my blog that I couldn’t sadly by the false of a bloody connector that nobody could repair!

The most difficult part now is back to “normal life” and it fell already strange to have taken a shower and see a bed at the hotel! I think I will sleep on the floor 😉

Man! I’m in paradise and don’t want land!!!!

Take care everybody!

423 miles / 650 km to go…!

Hello guys,

The technology let’s me down as they didn’t like the rough treatment of wild camping and not possible to fix a thing here around!

Had few problems as usual but fixed them one by one but still moving to St John’s in almost one piece 😉

423 miles / 650 km to go 😉

I’m one time more in a Flintstone’s bicycle who have to last until the end as no bicycle shop around until St John’s!

Really sorry that I couldn’t continue my blog until the end but I will do when back to civilization!

Take care everybody!