Day 38

Hello guys,

Quebec city, je m’en souviendrais…(I will remember it…)!


Weather: as usual sun and hot (29 C)

Distance: 93 miles / 149 km

Speed: 12.2 mph / 19.5 km/h


First at all I’m really running out of battery as a connector of my solar panel is faulty! I will try to fix it but as it happen of course after I passed all the big city where I could fix it I think it will be hard Confused smile

Yesterday was an amazing day but was tarnish in the end as I have been witness of an horrific bicycle accident of a women who crashed head first just on front of me when I was doing a pause along the road. Man I saw a lot and have as well many bicycle accident but this one was terrible. I don’t know why but she screamed and went to the gravel part of the shoulder and of course with the speed and small tire of a sportive bicycle like mine she went head first on the ground! She was unconscious for few second but came back with of course horrible pain. Her partner called immediately the ambulance and we provide the first aid but her face was badly damaged and she was in horrible pain. By chance a nurse passing by stopped and gave some more help. As it happen quite away from Quebec city it took almost 30 minutes before the ambulance arrive! I think she will be alright but will need some facial reconstruction for sure. I wish her prompt recover and please guy all the time wear an helmet as if she didn’t have one she will be death for sure. Helmet saved my life few time as well and if you think you look ridiculous with it well first we look already ridiculous on a bicycle with our “costume” and secondly better look ridiculous alive that beautiful death!

Difficult now to talk about my amazing day in Quebec city but life go on. I woke up quite early for head on to Quebec city who is the city I really want discover especially the Castle. For one time the access of a big city was quite easy and nice with amazing bicycle road connection along the St Laurent. I had the most difficult climb of all for access to the castle but worth the effort, beautiful! I spent some time around. And like the devise of the Quebec province “je me souviens” (“I remember it”) I will certainly remember my visit to Quebec city as was quite nice. I still prefer Montreal as more active and cosmopolitan. Quebec city is more like a historical city like Edinburgh, Boston, Bruges. I took the ferry to cross the St Laurent as no bridge on the front of Quebec.

After was a nice cyclist road and I crossed some nice people….(girls) Smile with tongue out I really love Quebec city Winking smile

After the cyclist road I went back to the Hwy 132 and what a difference as so quite after the crazy most populated corridor of (Toronto – Ottawa – Montreal – Quebec city). Pulled some nice mileage before that the terrible accident happen! And you know what after as the fatality strike in cycle I almost been hit by a car who went inside the shoulder and graze me at few centimeters! I think he was intoxicated but could be the end as well for me and my Journey across Canada. Anyway I still amaze that I still alive after so many close call!

I’m not a crazy fan of sunset but the one along the St Laurent are quite beautiful! And it getting better as the river become wider like a see.

Found a spot along the road for the night.

Take care everybody!

One thought on “Day 38

  1. I agree, roads can be dangerous from cars, but it you don’t wear a helmet they are a lot more dangerous. It’s always better to arrive safe than not at all.