Day 41

Hello guys,

The New Brunswick isn’t flat at all and I love it!


Weather: Sun and hot (28 C) at start and cover later on

Distance: 84 miles / 134 miles

Speed: 11 mph / 17.6 km/h


I’m really sorry that I can’t post my daily blog as no internet connection and I’m not 3 days late Sad smile

I started the day quite late (11 am) as I crossed yesterday one more time zone and lost 1h. I was already quite tired and my knee pain didn’t help then I slept 1 hour more for be back on track. My knee is still quite painful but I got a nast spider sting in the other leg then it will compensate Open-mouthed smile

I went to police station next of my camp site (feel secure Winking smile) for ask if I could use the Trans Canadian  Hwy 2 as you know the problem I had already. And it was quite amazing that even there I got 3 different answers from the three policemen who was present. Yes but…,no but…,maybe…!?!!? Seriously if they even know how I suppose to know! Anyway one of them advise me to take the Hwy 144 who’s following the Hwy 2 and is much quitter.

In same time I bought some drink in the grocery of the village and the tenants was very nice and we had a chat.

I followed then the Hwy 144 for a while until it diverged from the Hwy 2. Then I had to buy a map as no internet connection for check Google Sad smile And I found a other way by the Hwy 108 but saw that during a large part of it was no village at all and knew it will be fun….Winking smile

And btw the New Brunswick it quite hilly and with some nasty steep one hills and I love it even with my bad knee and spider sting!

The first part of the Hwy 108 was alright and I was “playing” again with a big thunderstorm. They are so big here that they are slow and you can beat them not like in Europe as when you see it it’s already too late as you got it 2 min later.

After I saw a sign indicating station service 1 km (0.6 mile0 next one 138 km (86 miles)….then I knew that I had the right feeling when /I saw on the map no villages at all along the road….I asked a local man at the gas station about the road and it confirm it me that was nothing there only the road and forest and wish me good luck who’s not a good sign…..And man it’s really nothing there and It’s the most remote area I have been since the start of my Journey! Very hilly area along a forest with almost no traffic in the middle of nowhere. Better don’t have problem there as you will be in real trouble!

It’s quite amazing how many different landscapes and area type I crossed during my Journey across Canada. My head start to overload of so wonderful images and feeling. And you realize that even more when you’re in the middle of nowhere like now and make me think whatever happen next isn’t really matter! St John’s still my goal but I had already so many wonderful moments and saw so many beautiful landscape it’s quite amazing!

Now I tough it will be easy to find a spot for the night but all the land along the road are private….Then no choice to brake the law again and set the camp in the forest. I guess nobody will check me!

I will try again to post my 3 last day on my blog today.

Take care everybody!