St John’s!

Hello guys,

Mission accomplish!

Arrived today in St John’s and went to Cap Spear who’s the most Eastern part of the Canada and believe me was quite a tough 7 miles / 12 km ride but man it worth the last effort! I met many people there who was coming to me as they saw my loaded bike and asked me lot of questions and was taking photos! Was crazy and had difficulties to leave as the night was falling and had 7 miles / 12 km hilly road back to St John’s!

I’m still in the sky and will maybe land tomorrow but was an amazing Journey across Canada! Words miss me how to explain how it was special for me and have my brain overloaded of so wonderful images and emotions it will take some time to express them!

As you know I dedicated my Journey to my mother, father and military comrade Robert and believe me they was with me all the way long in the good and bad moments and will certainly never make it without their spirit! Few time I tough I will at last rejoin them as I had several “close call” but I guess was not yet my time!

I’m never been very good for thanks people then I will just say:


to everybody I met, helped me, supported me along my Journey across Canada!

Now I will need some time to digest this amazing Journey and I promise I will finish my blog that I couldn’t sadly by the false of a bloody connector that nobody could repair!

The most difficult part now is back to “normal life” and it fell already strange to have taken a shower and see a bed at the hotel! I think I will sleep on the floor 😉

Man! I’m in paradise and don’t want land!!!!

Take care everybody!