The day after…!

Hello guys,

I’m still on my little cloud but it feel so strange to don’t bike today ūüôĀ

As expected I didn’t sleep well in a bed as after 52 days under a tent I guess it will need some adaptation time!

Now I will have an other expedition as I have to flight back home today. As I was faster as expected I had to book an other last-minute flight and it will be a rock and roll trip…St John’s-Toronto, Toronto-Copenhagen¬†and Copenhagen-Manchester with one night slept over in Copenhagen where I will do some night photography if not too tired!

As promise I will finish my daily blog of my Journey where I left it and later on I will start to¬†analyse my Journey across Canada with some photos and “behind the scene” fact.

It’s like when you follow a nice film at the¬†TV the signal cut, phone ring,…as I ¬† stopped to post my daily blog when it started to really becoming rock and roll and even almost was a game over due to a second of¬†inattention. It’s¬†unbelievable¬†how small thing can become dramatic when you’re in the road in the middle of nowhere.

I will have 36 hours travel for start to catch up the missing post and as I said to a friend of mine: “now the hard part of the Journey is starting…back to reality!”

Take care everybody!


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