Final data of the Journey…!

Hello guys,

I’m finally home after 36 hours travel and 3 connections!

I’m working at finishing the missing days of the daily blog but I compiled the finnal data of my Journey across Canada.

Overall data:

Distance: 4939 miles / 7902 km

Speed: 12.3 mph / 19.7 km/h

Time on bicycle: 402 hours

Weight lost: 10 kg / 22 pounds


47 sunny days

5 rainy days

5 thunderstorms (1 apocalyptic)

Average temperature: 30+ C (higher: 40 C / lower: 20 C)

Punctures: 3


50 nights wild camping

1 on the ferry between Nova Scotia to Newfoundland

Provinces: 10 on 10

Photos: 4000+

Video: 20 hours

I didn’t exactly compile the food data but was like 1 full big bread per day with ham/pate/jam/Nutella/cheese, snacks and 5 to 6 liters of water (over 10 L the scorching days).

Take care everybody!

2 thoughts on “Final data of the Journey…!

  1. All I can say is it must have been a gruesome trip home if it took you that long. ?:^D

    I was wondering if you be putting any of your photos on the internet for all to see?

    Brian Spooner (Toronto)

    • Yes was quite a Journey and quite less enjoyable that the one across Canada! I will start to go over the over 4k photos and will start to post some on the blog and on my photography website but I will need some time.