Why is so difficult to re adapt to a “normal” life?

Hello guys,

Some people don’t understand why it’s so difficult to re adapt to a “normal” life after this kind of expedition.

First of all even if I was quite faster that I expected (52 days instead of 70 on the road) it still a long time where you adopt a daily routine who’s quite totally different that our everyday life. Wild camping is great and rewarding but as you can imagine the opposite of our modern life. I remember my first night at the hotel who was the worst ever!

For many the destination is the Journey who bring us to it and of course the goal is the “finish line” but the Journey is what make the expedition so amazing and in your mind they are no “finish line”. I remember that after Quebec city I started to have some blues as I knew that the Journey was entering in the final stage!

Then you will say why I did it in 52 days instead of the 70 planned? Well you have to understand that it’s the first time I was doing touring bicycle and that I have more a sportive competitor mind-set who do long distance triathlon (Ironman) who need his daily “shot” of effort and pain to feel good šŸ˜‰

Freedom is a tough part to re adapt as on the road especially in wild camping set you feel so free of any commitment. The best moment was just before sunset when looking for a spot for the night as you never know if you will get a 1 star or 5 stars “hotel room” šŸ˜‰

And finally during the Journey you meet great people and see so amazing landscapes, wildlife, sunsets, sunrises,.. check it out the following photos of the Tower Lake in Ontario and you don’t hear the howling wolves and other wildlife sound!

Now you can understand why isn’t only difficult to come back to “normal” life but impossible!

Take care everybody!