3 years already!

Hello guys,

Already 3 years now since my amazing Journey across Canada, time going so fast!

Everyday I still have flash of this wonderful adventure and I’m sure will have forever as it’s an experience who mark you for life!

Last time I updated you I was preparing my Ironman Mallorca and did finish to be my 9th Ironman finish (when you did one you become addicted 😉 )

I know that I promise you some photos of my trip but with over 4000 it’s quite a job as I don’t want show them unprocessed but I will put some on-line slowly 😉

I remember that when I prepared my Journey I checked on-line websites about it to find some information to organize it and will provide soon some service from basic information request to complete planning of your trip 😉

” Live your dreams, do not dream your life! ”

From an ocean to an other, Atlantic to Pacific…!

Dolwolfian Photography: Along The Road &emdash; From an ocean to an other, Pacific to Atlantic!

(click on the photo for full frame)

Take care everybody!