Day 39

Hello guys,

The St Laurent…what a river!


Weather: sun and hot (29C)

Distance: 85 miles / 136 km

Speed: 13.3 mph / 21 km/h


First at all I had to fix my faulty connection of my solar panel as no battery at all left. After 3 shops I found a real technician willing to fix it. He took some time but he did! At least I will have some power for continue my blog Winking smile

After that it was already past 11 am and I didn’t even did 2 miles Open-mouthed smile I then started to pulling nice mileage at very good speed as the wind was in my favor!!!! Miracle happen Smile with tongue out I’m following the St Laurent who become larger and larger like a see. It’s quite an amazing river! All along nice small villages with beautiful church and house. I met along the road some nice people (no, no girls today Sarcastic smile) friendly as I expected from Quebecois. Quite nice to have some contact with the local population not like in the western province! And it will get even friendlier heading more East.  

I really enjoyed the day as quite traffic, nicer peoples and beautiful landscape. Did a lot of photos and have to skip some time some scenery as I will not advance if I stop every mile / km!

As usual when arriving in a bigger city problem with Hwy is back and as a thunderstorm and no battery on my notebook for check the road I decided to pull out the camp along the road.

I have some battery back on but not much then I hope it will be sunny tomorrow for be back to normal.

Take care everybody!