Day 40

Hello guys,

Playing with the borders!


Weather: Sun and hot (30 C) as usual

Distance: 110 miles / 176 km

Speed: 11.6 mph / 18.6 km/h


After battery problem now no internet connection and isn’t like in Europe where you can find internet café everywhere…I’m sorry but I’m now two day behind on my blog and I will try my best to be back on track.

I left quite early and finally found a way out of Riviere du Loup for continue my road but it didn’t last long as of course the Hwy 185 became not allowed to bicycle. I continued anyway on it for like 10 miles but when I realize that it will be like that until the next “big” city and decided to exit as the odd to be catch by the police was to high Winking smile 

Then back to the back road but was not too bad roads conditions for a time but became later for 10 miles like Paris-Roubaix again (I have been ask why I refer to Paris-Roubaix, it’s a cyclist classic who’s held on “stone” road and it’s quite an hard race). Later on I met Jean-Louis (jeez not sure of the name again) who is working in the area but living in Montreal. We had a nice chat and it’s what I like in Quebec as people are friendly and don’t only interest to themselves and engage the conversation easily. You don’t feel like an UFO crossing town! (Ce fut un plaisir de te rencontre et qui sait peut etre a une autre fois a Montreal.) Was a little word to him in French.

I continued my road and enter to the New Brunswick but again by the back door then no photo of “welcome to New Brunswick” and not even for Quebec on the other side as you know I missed it too when I enter to Quebec! I followed a river and the other side of it is USA. I was really playing with the borders today.I arrived to Edmundston but quite a small city. I bought provisions and exit the city to find a spot for the night. But it took quite some time to find a suitable “room” for the night as I become more and more picky about the spot Smile with tongue out I finally found in a wood and guess who’s back…squirrels Baring teeth smile Man they can be so noisy like a rock concert!

Tomorrow I will continue my road across the New Brunswick heading to the Prince Edward Island. For the first I had some pain on my knee (the one who’s been crush when young and doing half pipe skateboard) But it will be ok and pain is a good sign as it mean you still alive! I’m quite amaze that since the start I don’t have any pain on my leg at all. Tired some day of course but no pain until today on my knee.

Alright will try my best to post as soon as possible on the blog.

Take care everybody!