Still on my long Journey home…!

Hello guys,

Almost there but actually on the plane from Copenhagen to Manchester…! I started to feel the effect of 52 days of biking, wild camping and time zones effect as I got horrible pain on my leg as they are not use to walk anymore I guess Winking smile Never had pain on my leg during my Journey across Canada but now I guess my body will need some time to reacclimatize to “normal” life! And I don’t even want talk about the mind as I feel already some blues and aftermath expedition effect is on the corner Sad smile

Even if I was eating and fueling myself correctly (1 bread per day, snack and liquid) I realized that I lost quite some weight when I putted back my civil clothes…Was already not heavy now I should get discount on the plane ticket Winking smile Pasta, rice and junk food will fix that in 1 week!

I started to write the missing daily blog day and will post them as soon as possible when I will eventually arrive at home!

I will process as well the 4k photos and you can imagine it will take some time too. I’m not sure yet of the quality of them as even if I used a good camera (Eos 550D with a 10-20 mm lens) my photography specialties is long exposure night landscape photography. And with the small notebook I had with me it was not possible to check them correctly. Depending of the quality I will decide how, how many and where I will publish them. For sure some on the blog and other on my photographic website ( Even maybe a calendar if the quality worth it of course.

And even if I couldn’t film all Journey with my GoPro camera due to battery problem I have some nice video as well that I will publish depending of the quality of them on the blog and YouTube.

As you see I will be quite busy during my recuperation or rehabilitation at the normal life Winking smile

Take care everybody!