From an ocean to an other…!

Hello guys,

Few days since my Journey across Canada finished but still and will be for sure over there at least on my mind!

I started to slowly re-adapt myself to a “normal” life and started to look over the 4k photos I took along the road. Of course I have millions in my head but it’s funny how each photo I watch remind me immediately memories of the instant like I was there!

As I said on the start of my Journey I will focus on the adventure and not at the person doing it and I just realize I kept this quite good as on the 4k+ photos only 6 I’m on it 😉

In fact for many of you it will be the first time you will see me and hope you will not be too disappointed 😉 And don’t worry many others well more interesting photos will follow soon.

From an ocean to an other, Atlantic to Pacific…!

Dolwolfian Photography: Along The Road &emdash; From an ocean to an other, Pacific to Atlantic!

(click on the photo for full frame)

Take care everybody!