A sneak peek of the photos of my Journey!

Hello guys,

I have a hard time to land from my bubble and get back to “normal” life but I made a sneak peek of the photos of my Journey. It’s just a sample of photos unprocessed then be indulgent and patient as some more will come soon.

Enjoy it and share!

Move your cursor over the video and click on the bottom right corner rectangle for full screen and set HQ and stretch on for better view.

Take care everybody!

Camp 4

Hello guys!

Best night of all like a 5 stars hotel Winking smile

Very quite night with no noise at all in a perfect spot.

Hanged my food in a tree for the first time as I saw traces of bears in the area. Was fun as not so easy to throw a robe with a stone in the end on a tree…I should kept my helmet Winking smile

Woke up with the sun and saw dears!

Wow too nice all of that and I’m worry something bad is coming later on…

Still no connection sorry!

Take care everybody!

Day 4

Hello guys!

Rolling but big surprise at the end!


Weather: bad with rain all day

Distance: 68 miles / 109 Km

Speed: 12 mph / 19.2 Km/h


The day started easy with easy rolling miles but I had the feeling it will not last long….

Pouring rain all day who did nothing good to my cold!

Scenery are amazing changing all the time!

When I started the winery road I knew that the profile of the road will change…. Roller-coaster again but shorter one. Winery property are quite small compared to France.

I arrived then to Osoboyo with his big lake. The city cut the lake in the middle with the main street.

Then the exit of the city was the plat de resistance!!! 17.5 m / 28 Km of steep climbing where you feel like you going to heaven (I know no chance I will pass the door Winking smile) And all of that between trucks dying along the road under a pouring rain!

Now I can hear again what the women in the tourist center told me “ you should maybe do it tomorrow..” and when I said no I prefer do it today as tomorrow will be easy start Winking smile

But the reward was good as I found a nice spot for the night at a rest area.

Take care everybody!

Camp 3

Hello guys!

Spend the night in a ditch along the road close to the river. River noisy as usual but the road was ok during the night as no traffic.

Quite night with no nocturne visit of the local wildlife.

Take care everybody!

Good overall night!

Day 3

High altitude Journey!


Weather: variable

Distance: 68 miles / 108.8 Km

Speed: 10 mph / 16 Km/h


Two pass (Allison and Sunday) at over 1200m altitude resume what the day was!

Climbing, climbing and climbing and the worst it’s the down hill is too short and have even some steep climbing!

But the scenery man! So beautiful and BIG Winking smile

Was thought day especially I have a cold since Saturday thunderstorm but getting better as all! Hear pain as well  due to the roller-coaster at high altitude.

Found a spot for the night along a river in the valley but close to the road Sad smile

I still not even posted my first day blog as no internet connection passing through this Rockies! Looking like it will be a weekly blog Winking smile Hope you didn’t yet call the national guard or made a party as I’m gone Winking smile

Take care everybody!

Camp 2

Hello guys,

Spend the night in the ditch of a rest area close to a river. The river was noisy as at full power but it became even relaxant. Traffic was very quite and I didn’t met the local resident aka bear as I told you I fond poo of them Winking smile

Very good night overall!

Take care everybody!

Day 2

one Hello guys,

What a “Rocky” day!


Weather: variable as mountain area 

Distance: 53 miles / 84.6 Km

Speed: 14 mph /  22.4 Km/h

I knew the first part will be the tougher one but it’s even worst or better of my wildest dream Winking smile

The Rockies have the right name and still even snow on the top of them!

The local told me the summer didn’t start yet then I told them don’t worry it will when I will be gone!

Did only 53 miles/84.6 Km as the first day of tough climbing is better to don’t force as you pay it double the next day!

My average speed is not so bad because the first part of the Journey was quite flat.

Traffic is quite heavy some time and I can be alone during few minutes. The majority of the cars and trucks give me enough security space when passing but of course they are some rogue one. One moron trucker who really grazed me got aggressive flashing light from an other truck from the other side and I’m sure he got a radio call as well as they are all equipped, nice.

Found a spot for the night on the ditch of a rest area close to a river who is in full capacity as it’s flooding warning in all BC! Only problem I found bear poo later one but as I was so tired they will have to share the area with me!

As I said in my first post who’s not even yet online I have big trouble with battery and connection Sad smile As for all it will be better after the Rockies area who will take around 1 week.

Take care everybody! 

Camp 1

Hello guys,

Spend the night in a abandoned lot for sale. I know it’s not a hotel room but bloody train was honking like crazy every few hours even in the night and I’m not sure which wild animal was but during the night he was around and the dogs of the neighborhood was screaming like crazy. I didn’t check as well and didn’t bother me Winking smile

Was a good first night overall.

Take care everybody!

Day 1

Hello guys!

What a day man!


Weather: variable (rain/sun/thunderstorm)

Distance: 83 miles / 138 Km

Speed: 15 mph / 24 Km/h 

1 puncture

1 very “close call” (been catch in a thunderstorm and trees falling along the road)


Man I knew it will be an adventure especially with by my usual  bad luck but for a start was a start!

Was starting not so bad as the rain stopped when I dipped my wheels on the Pacific Ocean as the start of my Journey across Canada!

The exit from Vancouver was rocky but ok.

Later on the day the weather become very nice and even hot and was pleasant.

Got my first puncture around the 50 miles mark but it’s where my race competitive background come handy as fixed in no time Winking smile

Then came the main course of the day and maybe of the entire adventure.

I know in mountain the weather can snap in no time but this time was incredible and even local never saw that (…black cat somewhere?)

The sky became black as a hurricane sky and in no time the wind and rain pick it up and it became like hell! Trees was falling of on the road, thunder and of course I was in the middle of nowhere with no shelter then the best thing to do it’s push on your pedals like crazy and zigzag between obstacles! By chance I saw in the far end of the road a gas station but as I was approaching the power went down but they had a generator! They welcome me inside with like 10 others lost of the road. Bikers lucky to be there in one piece like me!

It lasted 20 min and after calm down and I could resume my Journey.

Along the road was trees and leafs all over but was alright after what I went true!

The weather become even nice as often after thunderstorm.

I crossed I convoy of around 150 cyclists escorted with 4 police cars, 2 ambulances and few assistance cars going to the Vancouver direction. Was quite funny the difference of way to enjoy an adventure even the policemen had a quite amused face Winking smile

I found a spot for spend the night in a abandoned lot for sale but was quite difficult to find a spot as even in Canada every square inch are occupied!

By the way my daily blog will become when possible blog as I have some battery and connection problems

Take care everybody!